Help This Angel Reunite with his loving Father. What would you do if he was your son?


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A few pictures are included that show the abuse AbdulRahman received while in foster "care". Meanwhile you can check out our facebook page at

This page was created to help FREE AbdulRahman from his misery.

If you would like to help us SAVE him from more harm & torture. 


New video added 03-03-2012.

 Would you tolerate this? Is this acceptable in a country that claims to be the leader of democracy and human rights? How can a Judge claim these are normal bruises?

As of 04/27/2012 Abdul has not been allowed to see his loving father for the past 2 years.

He faces daily mental torture, anguish and terror by the foster household that has custody of him.

How can the judge dismiss the social workers testimony that this child shakes and shivers and hides under the table when he sees the Foster "mother" approach? How can you stand by letting this happen in our great ad just country. We must stand up for AbdulRahman and all those innocent children who the NJ DYFS has turned into hell on earth and allowed them to be molested, physically and emotionally abused?? We need the governor of NJ to look into this immediately, we need the US President and the First lady to look into this immediately. 
If you know of anyone in the NJ area that can help this child be reunited with his loving and caring father, please email us at

Abdul is still in custody of the Abusive foster "family" along with other children. We Need to get them out of there before they are killed and it's too late to save them.

They are relying on us all, as parents, as communities, as humans, as brothers and sisters, as AMERICANS!

Contact NJ Governor Through his website & Call and voice your concern.

Go to drop down menu and select "Children & Families"
Then hit continue, that will take you to step 2 where you select the sub-topic "Abuse" and fill out your information include under the relation box "Concerned citizen" Then express your feelings in the "Message" Box and click on "send your message".

Please do not disappoint this poor child in need of your help.

You can call them at (609)777-2500

Or send them a letter at the address below & mention the 
childs name
AbdulRahman Khalil.
DOB 04/19/2004
Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625

To listen to audio files click on the underlined text for each file.

To know about Abdu's father, Mohamed Khalil click here for his website and here for his resume.

Bruises on his forehead and cheeks. :(

Bruises all over his little body by the incompetent Foster "mother"

The marks of abuse are now permanent on AbdulRahmans Face! We can't wait until he gets killed or kills himself if he ever gets to grow up! Every person responsible for such trauma should be held accountable starting from the Judge that dismissed these abuses as "normal bruises children have"!

(Above) AbdulRahmans dad on his last visitation about 2 years ago, writing "I LUV U" on the glass of the car before his son was taken away from him not be seen again. NJ DYFS did this and we want every person held accountable for the trauma the child has been put through!

(Below)These are not pictures of Iraqi prisoners overseas. These are marks of abuse in NJ perpetrated against and innocent child by who is supposed to care for the child.

The picture above was the last time the father had contact with his child. They did not know this was their final Good Bye. Let us all reunite them! Please help the father "who was never abusive" reunite with his child. Let us stop the heartache, the misery, the trauma both the child and father go through on a daily basis.

How can someone, anyone, have the heart to inflict such injuries on such a beautiful child?
How can any Judge or Authority allow this to happen and dismiss a childs cry for help as "normal"
Please help!

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